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What started off many years ago in the school dark room has evolved into this current site. Our passion to explore our environment and take images as memories of places we have visited has resulted in this, our web site today.

Meet the two of us.

Home is our wooded garden with our rescued old Greyhounds and Hens.

  • Located in Westmorland in the Dales, part of the extended Yorkshire Dales National park.
  • Our Greyhounds are rescued from the "Retired Greyhounds South Lakes" a charity we openly support.
  • This is a remote location, but has many benefits besides the obvious challenges living in the winter condtions which can be harsh but absolutely stunning when covered in Snow and Ice, then there are the other seasons to enjoy in this ever changing environment.

This web site is updated as and when I get chance, we also use Facebook as an alterate means of uploading current images.

The images shown on this site are what we have captured, the images are "AI Free", we use Camera, lens, filters, DataColor - colour calibration from Lens to printer and minimal post production editing for true image reproduction.

Images are available via


Our native Red Squirrel




Candid and close up

Portfolio of our AI Free Images


Meet us and our Hounds



Photography and Diving are my passions



Show her a mountain, and off she goes

Our Hounds

Cuddle Monsters

Trusted Companions


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Westmorland in the Dales

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